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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 ♥
2 days in Genting Awana.
SuperLongDinUpdateLiau !! lolxz..
been lazy, buzy and sleepy.



13th December 2008 , Saturday

Today, Me Ben and Karyan went to genting with shaun's family, joining his father's company trip.
We were expected to reach shaun's house by 7.10. BUT i woke up at 8.10 !! WALAU!! DAM FUCKN LATE!! hahaha

thank god shaun's family ( except shaun ) are fashionably late most of the time. so i was STILL on time. ^.^

So .. yea.. we had to drive 2 cars.
shaun's dad wiv the alphard - Shaun, Me, Ben, Karyan, Ryan and Shaun's Dad.
and shaun's mum wiv the lexus. - Leon, Meryl, Rachel, Shaun's Mum.

On The way to genting, gosh.. i was freakn sleepy !!.. lolxz..

k.. after dat.. reach jor ard 9.30. went to the pool side via the lounge room.
ehe.. snapped afew shots ( camwhoring ) again.

Left : SleepyGuy
Middle : ConstipatedGuy
Right : SohaiBlurrGuy .XD

then Again, My suPeR Photography. Caught the shy shy camera boi. Mr Wee Wei Shien on tape !
i mean.. on graph.. on ... photograph !
HAHA!! i bet u like it Mr Wee.. LOLXZ!
*i deleted the zoomed picture on MrWee's request.* ( more like begging)

and after this picture. he threaten and haunt me !!! !!! ! !! ! ! ! ! !! !! !!!
" Kee En, you better delete dat picture, or else, ....... ill flick u where it hurts most ! "

* don think sick guys * - - - * he meant, the nose *

rite rite.. after dat ! we went to look for the basketball court, and we found an abandoned, shitty, wet court. in the middle of GRASS!! lolxz..

and when i said shitty.. I MEANT IT!!..
there was a piece of shit on the court !! WTF!! dam sick !!.. haha

after we found our desired playground.
we went back lo. just to see dat everyone was gone.
so we went to meet them at this big field with a stage.
we had to some icebreaking activities ( teamwork and co-operation enhancement )

This started pretty depressing.
team 1 = Leon , Meryl , Ryan, Karyan + 6 other people.
team 2 = shaun + ben + rachel + Shaun's Dad + 6 other people.
team 3 = Me + 9 other people.. ( lonely !!)

but as we did so many activities together. we starting socializing and talking and laughing.
and got together pretty well.. ^.^
and i was team 3's little mascot ! huhu.

So. 1st activity = CoupleSariRace ! XD. this one i forgot take picture.. haha..
two people in one sari. RUN like mad dog front and back around a cone.
everyone broke the rules !! haha.. the sari must be under the knee.. ALL put near the athhole

well 2nd activity = 3 legged race. ( i think dats what i should call it ) ..
two people. the inner legs are tied together make something like | | ||| | |
can picture anot? lolxz..
nvm.. u don need to picture. cuz i got a picture.. XD

then . 3rd activity = 10 in 1 race. haha.. 10 ppl.. all the inner legs tied together.
and we hav to synchronize properly.. if not.. WHOLE TEAM fodown lo..
the malay "chubby" woman next to me. donno left and right.
haiz.. make me fodown jor.. =.= SAD!
Notice dat all the legs got a strand of cloth around.. hehe.

4th activity = Flying Stairs or something liddat..
3 planks of wood, 2 people hav to go to and fro.
ayor.. hard to explain.. give u a picto la.. XDRyan.. so sad.. need to balance properly.. i guess his logistics = terrible.. XD

next activity = hulla-hoop and chain. A human chain , one hullahoop.
so yea.. u suppose to pass the hullahoop from A to Z without breaking the chain ( hands )
Urgh !! ben is jus so tall !! brrr.. JEALOUSY WEI!! freakn jealous !! T.T.

so yea. team 3 won this round.. XD.

Next activity. = GIANT SLIPPER!! lolxz.. this was really funny. ^^
its like. a 4 people in 1 slipper. ( sorry.. this one no picture , too pumped up. forgot to take any )
hehe.. we totally lost this round.. =,=

Then it was break time ( 12.00 ) took our bags. and ate steamboat and some buffet for lunch.
looks really delicious? lawl.
the steamboat taste worst than the eggs i fry leh. the buffet was okay okay lo..

after dat
checked in to our roooms..
Me shaun ben and karyan one room(7053). Ryan, leon, meryl and rachel one room(7052) .
chilled awhile playing big 2/cho tai di( card game ). took off my jeans . change to shorts and then we went for basketball ..
so play play awhile...... then suddenly.. something super miraculous and funny happened !!

lolxz. shaun shot the ball.. and it was stuck on the ring. not in, but on top.. =,= super cool.
walau.. dam yeng la.. never happened be4.. it was spinning like a top up there.. haha..
and jus laid stegnant there. amazingly amazing.

then ben jus fuckn fling a stone on the ball and the stone came flying towards me.. mother fucker.. haha..
we were havin so much fun, getting WET! and dirty.. we forgot dat we hav to go back to our groups. so we sort of missed for the first event.

So. each group were to take turns to do 3 different activities.
for my group it is :First : hanging on rope pulled by others. 1 person hang.. the rest support the rope.
the person hanging needs to pick up golf balls from a circle dat we are not allowed to enter.
it appears dat the people pulling the rope are more tired. lolxz.

Second : Lifting 3 objects , a log, a pale and a water tank. from a designated circle to another, using ropes, we are not allowed to touch the object.. or put it on the floor in the middle of the route. quite challenging.. hehe.. fun fun fun.

Thirdly : Hav 5 blind men, and 5 instructors. and the instructors cannot go in the area.
in the area, the blind men hav to fit different shapes to make a pyramid.
BORING WEI!! i had to stand there like a dumdog. for so long.

so yea.. dat ends the planned activites for today.. despite dat,
we all decided to go play basketball again !
then as we were playing, a few uncles came( this includes ryan and leon ) . xD
so it was highschool kids vs uncles.
my team = me , shaun, karyan, ben, meryl and rachel ( it was a dangerous game , slippery and rough ! ) meryl and rachel couldnt do much, cuz we could hardly give them the ball .

the uncle team = shaun's dad, uncle robin, uncle ex-state player , ryan , leon, and uncle john.
see the challenge? haha.. despite of dat.. we still won, with me scoring the first shot.
a JUMP shot infront of ryan's face ! haha..

so after dat game, uncle robin's new nike shoes seemed to hav tore. ( sad for him ).
so most of the uncles left, leaving shaun's dad and ryan with us.
so we played 3 v 3. Wee Family Against AhBeng Team.
Ryan , Shaun and Shaun's Dad against Me ben karyan.
Note*Shaun's dad is an amazingly good player.*

played best of 3 games , first to 8.
of cuz the ahbeng team won. since ryan was a burden to them.

if ur asking me.. why am i picking on ryan? the answer is ..
i donno .. haha..

then went back to room.. played MORE cho tai di ( big 2 ) .
one by one .. took bath.. then went for dinner..
time flew huh? well activites took pretty long.
hehe so then.
again, ate buffet again.Mr R.Wee and L.Wee eating. ( caught on film ! )
a message to all : when u go to awana for holiday.. DON EAT THEIR DESERTS!! sucks like ass !

then went back to the room. then everyone came to our room, played SOMMORE cho tai di.

after dat, me, shaun, ben, karyan and meryl went to look around the place.
althou i added to the plots. XD.

then walk here walk there.. see stupid things.. scared the crap out of ourselves. haha..
then went back to the room. . . . everyone felt hungry, so some went down to buy cake.
and it wasnt good AT ALL!!

diu wei. all the deserts ( my fav ) oso like shit.
the cakes can throw on the wall and get stuck one.. how to eat OH!..
and yes we DID throw the cake on the glass wall.. lolxz.

so after all the commotion. those staying next door went back.. and we decided to sleep.

when we were trying to sleep, suddenly some ring the fuckn door bell !! and NO ONE WAS OUTSIDE!! walau !! scared the shit out of karyan.. haha..

anyhow.. we managed to go to sleep by 12. ( had to wake up by 7.40 the next day. )
activities would resume at 9.00A.M.

14th December 2008, Sunday !

this morning at 7.30 , 3 alarms rang..
at 7.31, another 3 alarms rang !!

but only at 7.50 , shaun finally woke up and took bath.
we were all WRAPPED in our blankets like jacks ~
brrr... genting wind + aircon + fan ( u people seriously are NUTS! ).
don even wanna get out of bed man....

anyhows, one by one, we took bath in the following order
Shaun >>> Karyan >>> Ben >>> Kee En.
WOOTS! caught changing !!! ... HAHA.. ( BenSongGayGuy took this )

well ignore it plz.. XD

after dat, went down for breakfast. then again. BUFFET!
sien hor? anyhows, the food was rather alrite, but definitely not to standard of a hotel..
il giv it a 5/10.

While eating the buffet, we wondered where ryan, leon, meryl and rachel were....
the answer = STILL SLEEPING !!

watever the breakfast was, we finished it.. went to a different area for
lolxz.. more like final event. Laser Entrenchment or something..

so... went back into our groups.
and got a briefing on the event.
Each person has a different position.
1. Leader
2. Assistant Leader
3. Hostage! ( LOLXZ)
4. Laser Expert - Karyan
5. Engineer
6. Guide - Ben ( guiding shaun )
7. Blind Man - Me and Shaun

NOTE * Meryl Rachel Leon and Ryan and Shaun's Mum and Dad missed the whole event *

wondering what its all about?
alrite, we are a Squad. Our Mission is to save the hostage. By Moving through obstacles of acid rivers ( of cuz fake one la ) and lasers ( more like strings ).
given different equipment, the engineer builds different paths for us to move on.
Laser Experts deflect the laser with a pair of gloves.
the blind man, the most important guy, yet the most useless guy at the start.
Blind Man is guided through the 3 different obstacle rooms.
then after crossing the obstacle rooms, the blind man has to find the hostage which can be placed anywhere ! haha.. so, yea.. blindfolded double-layeredly. and as the blindman finds the hostage,
he has to find a key dat is either on/under the chair or on the hostage's legs.

Then after u find the key, u hav to free the hostage by opening a lock. and the hostage has to get pass the obstacles again ! but now.. the blind man can take off the blind folds jor..

Now comes the pictures.
1st round : Team 1 ( karyan's group ) VS team 2 ( shaun and ben's group )
Team 2 accomplish the mission in less than a second left. 7.297 minutes.
Team 1 couldnt finish. ( sadly )

2nd round : Team 2(shaun + ben's group ) VS Team 3 ( MA GROUP! )
Team 2 finish half a second before team 3. 5.51 to 5.50 minutes. xD

3rd round : team 1 ( karyan's group ) VS Team 3 ( MA GROUP! )
team 3 won by half a second. xD 4.41 to 4.42 minutes.

here are the pics.
Hm. planning planning and MOAR planning.

Karyan ( guy with gloves ) deflecting the laser for the blindwoMAN.

Blind Man ( meee ) guided by the guide.

Shaun ( blind man ) looking for the key to free the hostage.
Blind Man ( me ) taking advantage of the hostage.. XD in ben's dictionary, eat abalone. LOLXZ
jk jk.. i was finding for the key.. or was i finding for the lock? dono la.. one of dat.

either way. after the 3 different series of events.
the Positions were
1st. TEAM 2 with 53 + 95 + 180 = 328 points
2nd. TEAM 3 with 50 + 90 + 175 = 315 points
3rd.( last ) TEAM 1 with 51 + 130 + 120 = 301 points.

Ben showing off his 1st prize gift. 80 bucks isetan voucher.
Team 3 with their runner up prize ! .. lolxz..

after all dat, we were even MORE pumped up !!! bcuz the uncles actually challenged us in a game of basketball.
so it was like. supposedly to us, the best event !!.. but suddenly, they all say NO!.
shaun was like. 180 degrees mood change. xD. but of cuz.. still smile la..

anyhow. we still went to play basketball, jus the four of us, playing horse horse and horse again.
played like 5 rounds.
winners =
round 1 : kee en
round 2 : ben
round 3 : kee en
round 4 : ben
round 5 : kee en. lolx

after horse horse and horse, my pants were freakn dirty jor !!.. freakn water splashy splashy everywhere. diu.

alrite.. alrite.. went back to the room. played sommore cho tai di and then pack up and left.

taken by ben ben. on the way to the front gate.

alrite alrite.. then we went back to shaun house in the same car, same seating arrangement.

reach and play pool for like.. 4 hours !! haha.. then i went home after eating dinner in their house.

so yea. it was a very busy 2 day.
dats all folks.
hope u enjoyed reading.
good luck
god bless ya'll

i said i love you!i meant it, and ill always love you. still am loving you!;
11:59 PM

Friday, December 12, 2008 ♥
Hmph, House Hopping Day.
TodaY Morning,
woke up at 8.10.

yes.. The Most " AWESOME " sayfol internation school of kuala lumpur.


lolxz.. well went there.. met up wiv Mr Ryan Wee Wei Shien a.k.a R.Wee.
since he din know where our tuition place was..

i hop into his car and directed his driver to where MrIsmail's house was.

today was havin Physics Tuition marhx.

Class was suppose to start at 9.30 !! so we reach at 9.25.
jus to find out dat MrNava ( physics teacher ) was comin at 10.!!


okay.. class started at 10. and Adithya Sour Melon and Sthristi MEHHHHHHHHH joined the class.

i was being a dick in class, annoying ryan.. hahaha.. trying to get a photo of him..
and and and and and and !!!

( pokemon losers would know this )
and this is the result

To Ryan. YOU CAN RUN! BUT U CANT HIDE!!! lolxz.

before this capture .. got a few other failure pics.
ill post it anyway.. haha
ryan looks really good here.. XD.. cuz this pic is without his FACE!!
as kristin thought him . " muka mo masakit sa mata ko !! " haha..

ryan ryan... sorry for doing this.. but if no one gets annoyed. its not funny !! xD

haha.. dispite of me annoying him.
after class, we went to KFC . and i wanted to treat him lunch.
but his conscience tell him dat he NEEDS to pay me back.. oh well
pay me back okay la.. i don mind..

i was fuckn starving .. and he kept saying " kee en, eat SSLLOOOWWLY... u hav to enjoy food "

then after we reach his house..

starting pool session..
sorry guys, no pics for this. haha.. ryan would snatch my phone and delete his pics..
so .. for security purpose.. no photos.. ^^

wah. i tell u.. the whole family oso dam pro ler.. haiz.. i cant even do anything.
but still, ryan thought me some stuff.. even Uncle Arthur ( their driver ) was teachin me..
ehehe.. i jus KEPT playing pool... cuz i love it. who cares if i suck.. hehehehe

Knowing the fact dat i loved playin pool, leon and ryan KEPT PESTERING ME!!
Ryan : " kee en, i need to win u, come play soul calibur 4 with me "
Leon : " kee en, u don play maple anymore rite? can u jus give me all your scrolls? "

brrr.. i hav no obligations to do any of those.
and they started carrying me.. and i was jus holdin onto shaun's bed..
but my resistance was futile.. so i rushed to the toilet and locked myself there.. =X
surprising? not really.. hehe.. CANT RUN JOR !!

soon after, shaun's tuition teacher came.. so i din wanna play pool any longer. don wan disturb him.

so i went into ryan and leon's room. and went online..

suddenly .. ryan took out this set of 52 cards !!
FREAKN HUGE!!! ( pics of it will be up soon )
but dam fun , cuz i kept winning.. ^^

then after winning until tired .. =P my brother came n pick me up,
and we went to uncle allan's house. chilled there for awhile and went home.

So my house hopping session was from
MrIsmail's House >:>:> Ryan Wee's House >:>:> Uncle Allan's House >:>:> My Own house. XD

dat is all.
Right dat is ALL!
good bless you all .

i said i love you!i meant it, and ill always love you. still am loving you!;
5:12 AM

Thursday, December 11, 2008 ♥

Thursday, 11/12/08
Noon : Bright Bright Sun
Afternoon : Rainny Rainny. Keep On DC DC.
Night : Clear Clear sky.

Okay, woke up at 12.10, Took like a 5 mins bath. and rushed out to pick up
my eldest mum ( my dad's eldest wife ) and went for lunch.
hmm.. she sure hasnt changed much. very healthy, very bubbly.

went to Equitorial Hotel chinese restaurant, Golden Phoenix .
k we jus sat there and drank tea.


no la.. of cuz we ate... some dim sum and some funky spinach noodles.
talk like for 2 hours !! OMG !! thank you MP3 for keeping me company.

then i sorta spilt tea allova the table......................................

im always so clumsy T.T

thank god i hav great friends dat watch over me.. and me lubs them all..
thanks thanks me dear bros and sises.

AlrIgHt ! aFtEr the LuNcH. left the restaurant

Went to the backery CALLED

Darn.. sounds suspicious dont it?
yet my mum still bought half a loaf of christmas bread ( don ask me what dat is )


then sent the old lady back to the office and fleed home..
and as usual mum went to MAHJONG ($.$)

alrite. chill infront of the computer as it was raining horses and ponies outside.
ayor.. wanted to play basketball lerrrr DIUZ..
and infront of the com oso NOT SHIOK ONE BIT!.
keep Disconnecting. so SIENZ!! cant even play dota.

AH! thank god i had Bleach 197 to watch.
It was Kuchiki Byakuya VS some black nigger dude Espada ( forgot his name )
Byakuya = YENG YENG YENG!!!!!!

then ate dinner and went for BADMINTON!!!

I was the noobiest guy there. and seriously..
they play wiv me hopping oso can..
yes.. its DAT bad.. SOBZ. haiz. break my morale kau kau lik..
yet my uncle got some nice pics of me.

Look GoOd Rite??

but most of the time.. im like this
Just watch my brother fly left fly right.. cover my ass up..
its LIKE SO TENSION PLAYING WIV THE PROS!! i cant even move as freely as i can.
too too pressure jor lahx.. T.T
NOTE : see the 2nd pic, my bro = blurry blurry and im like.. crystal clear, he movin all the time.
im jus a BooB in the middle of the court..

and yes, my brother is very pro at badminton. He was captain for his University Badminton Club.
Like.. erm.. louis-like.... but in badminton. or even BETTER.. xD

After playing like.. 3 games??
we went home lo... tired tired jor for me..

i think my brother played like.. 6 games.. ( non stop ) siao fella.

haha.. turned out pretty well, thought of her in the afternoon, but at night.. too occupied.

Dats all for today,
good luck,
god bless me,
and all my readers, xD

i said i love you!i meant it, and ill always love you. still am loving you!;
7:46 AM

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 ♥
Bz Bz Day Oh~
Hmph, alrite, like i said I'll be posting my lifetime stories of 10/12/08 ~ xD

kk. first, went to the curve with louis,

went there, met up with wei yew, accompany him makan makan with his mum around 1.20,

then went to
Cineleisure !! ^.^
long time din go jor.

bought Transporter 3 ticket,
which was at 3 !! xD
gah~ hav to wait so dam long de.

then went to play some pool at some shop dat had karaoke, pool and foosball.
wei yew TRIED to cheat me and louis's money !!! and louis so c2pid din find out until i TOLD HIM. lolxz.. the tickets for 3 ppl = 18 ringgit ( 6 bucks/person ). I paid 10, louis paid 10.

wat did Mr Teoh Wei Yew do? gav us back change.. 1 ringgit each.. =.=
think im MrStupido liddat.
haha.. as punishment, he paid for all the pool games. ^^
.. woohoo...

then played 3 games lo.

here are some pics .

his shots will miss his wanted hole and score in another hole.. with another ball.. hahaha..
it was a whole lot of laughter.

PooL is just not my thang, i sucked badly. haha..

Wei yew = photo shy boi today, lil pics of him.


took another pic wiv louis. haha..

Let me guess what ur thinking,
( left one : WHAT A FREAK! ) , ( right one : lets punch him )

then after dat, watched the muvee lo.

i love the action and how the guy get out of his tight situations.

found this pickup line catchy,
" Kiss before Keys " xD

And it turned out dat we saw MrWan who was in the same cinema with us.
dam. everywhere i go i see teachers. lolxz.

Whats Next?
hehe.. went to the curve to play ball .

before we started playing, i asked these 2 " handsome" young men to pose.
and the result is !!!

dei, kamu dua orang tahu pose anot one? haha..
one like lookin at nthness and one = cardboard figure. LOLXZ.
lubs this pic. ^.^

well as u can see, there was this guy inside playing alrdy.
since we are kind gentle souls, we waited, while commenting about his noobness to ourselves.


Basketball Action, BEGIN!

played with some other 3 strangers, they looked old, but were the same age as us. haha..
louis = super hard to penetrate and IMPOSSIBLE to rebound from..
LOUIS!! plz!! JUS JERK OFF! ( plz ignore this )

well anyhow i still manage to put some hoops IN HIS FACE!!

kk.. ALL sweaty and shit, i let wei yew wear my shirt home.
and yes buddies, it fit him,

P.S : i had 2 shirt ( incase u din know )

then went down to meet wei yew's mum,
and on the way down, we saw this band playing.

i was listening , relaxing, enjoying ,
jus in time to snap a shot of the these 2 lifeless ppl

Children These Days, They Neeeever Learn.

After awhile, Weiz's mum came, and he went home.

louis and I oso went home via my cousin's car.
hehe.. super jam.

so sent louis to LRT then changed a shirt,
went for dinner, with mum's friends.

Walau, they kept refilling my glass.
Trying to force me to sing. BRRRR i don wanna get drunk so i sang.

then well...
ate some food, sang some songs, got kinda high.

Everytime my glass about this level, pour until half full again..
=.=, oh well the wine wasnt dat dry, so it was pretty good. ^^

The EFFECT of drinking like.. 5 half full glasses =

My Mum keep saying " DONT DRINK ALRDY!! AYOR!! TOO MUCH!! "
and she ended up half drunk and i was still .. 99% concious. hehe.
1% = when i was thinking of someone.. (n_n)

After sending me mum home and everything,
my brother and his friends decided to chill at hartamas,
so i tagged along lo.
i mean, shisha wor. of cuz go lo.. hehehehe..
It was this lil cafe called Lepaq,
anyone could jus go into the jamming area and sing and perform.
really relaxing place. We Should Go there One day la Peeps.

Crazy Good Night,
Really funny stories la those fellas.
hehe.. i couldnt stop laughing. XD
a very blurr pic.

Me and Hisham ( naquie's brother )

Mustaqim playing his very own song " Zowie "

He was really good !! ^.^ very pro. hehe..

Hmph, after the shisha no more flavour jor,
we fleeed. Got home, took bath and writing this. ^.^
pretty lifeless of me. hehe.
Well, dats my day. ^.^,
Its not really dat detailed, but oh well.
too much details, too little time.
oh yea, if u realized,
I din apply any shit to my hair today, hehe

God Bless You All
Take Care
Good Luck

i said i love you!i meant it, and ill always love you. still am loving you!;
10:20 AM

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 ♥
Random Day.
Going Out Later,
for now,
i just feel like typing.

LIFE isn't how we accept fate,
but how we twist our fate.

LOVE isn't what one feels,
its about how BOTH feels.

FRIENDSHIP is suppose to be true,
not to be abused.

The PAST is not to be regretted,
but to be remembered.

FEELINGS aren't to be played with,
but to be shared with.

LOVED ONES aren't suppose to be neglected,
moments with are to be cherished.

WORDS are spoken with care,
HEARTS are handled with care.
These are hardest to repair.

Louis says " YOU SARK !!! "

cheers bro~

i said i love you!i meant it, and ill always love you. still am loving you!;
7:53 PM

Monday, December 8, 2008 ♥
- Bella's DeParTure - Missing U, every second -

8th DECEMBER 2008
known it for months,
but Isabella Maria Manson has
finally left us.

Super Depressing Moment,
but still i went to KLIA to see her off.

Took the KLIA
express from KL central to KLIA.
dam shiok leh.
35 ringgit
28 minute ride
Comfy Seats

but FREAKN LONELY!! i was ALONE!! brr..
no one follo me T.T

Some Pics Of me. Too darn bored.

Comments plz.. ^,^

Lanci Kia. xD

When I reached, i called Belle. She tell me go McD
5th floor .
tsk tsk.
jus say McD can la.
i thought KLIA got 2 McD . stupid me rite? zzz

Thank God Belle's Mum saw me.. hehe
if not.. i will sure be lost for another 15 mins.
and i wont be able to meet some1

don believe?
hehe.. here's the pic

I think she was going to Sydney to see her son. xD


well we ate McD.

and the mum gav me a long lecture
saying i eat too fast !! haha..
but as ryan say de.

Damit.. Belly never fails to pose.

I was like. WTF. xD

This Is the Aftereffect Of Raping It.

† Belle's Mess-Up-KLIA-before-leaving plan †

We are AWESOMELY " Tidy " Eaters ~^^

after dat. they went into the gate.
super heartaching moment leh.

and again, some pics

Next year !!!I will definitely be taller than dat woman !

But even when i grow taller than her,
i will still luv her and miss her as much.
cuz shes a great sis.


Always , Forever, My Lovely Sister.
Come back Soon PLZ!
God Bless Ya'll . Good luck .

i said i love you!i meant it, and ill always love you. still am loving you!;
7:22 AM