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im born in 1993
20th November

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Saturday, January 31, 2009 ♥
My Chinese New Year .
This Post is A Compilation of my CNY till now.

Okay.. Day One~
Oredi Start Gambling D ! Woot Woot~ all my cousins and uncles from my mother's side .
Its Tradition ; )

Then After Awhile. My brother, my mother and I with Aunt Elizabeth went to SaChek house.
( my Father's brother ) - 3rd in the family.

Over there.. we sat down. talked abit. chat chat chat about 2 hours !! Shooo Bowwing~
well i was jus playing wiv his cat..

Meet BABY~ xD ^^ cute cute cute~~
this BABY? is ONE FAT CAT!~ lolxz..

my uncle's house got around.. 25 cats.. ^^ dam siao siao one..

So. after all dat playing wiv the cat.. i went too.............................................

wash hand. hahahaha. then we left.
and went back.. then went for dinner..
Look at Em faces.. all waiting for the next dish.. =.= haha..
Left to Right -Grandma ( pink ) , Brother( Marcus ) , Cousin 1 ( Brian ) , Cousin 2 ( Mason)

A section of the family pic.. =,= xD ( im fugly~~ woohoo! )

Then. The ACTUAL family pic. ^^ ( WOOT~ IM STILL FUGLY! XD )

man.. mason is actually younger than me.. and he is.. almost a head taller than me.. T.T jealousy jealousy.. ISH!
From L-R, Top-Btm - mason, me, grandpa. mum in the middle, aunty pooi har, aunt elizabeth, grandma, dixon( pink ), Aunt Wendy ( my 2nd mum, ), Uncle Wai Hong ( my 2nd dad ).

so yea.. went back home.. and

played winning eleven and blackjack till 7 a.m.
and after all dat playing.. i lost.. 1 RINGGIT!! WOOHOO! GREAT DEAL! xD..
well yea.. we slept when the maid woke up.. ^^ . dats our sleeping alarm.

Next Day~

2nd day of CNY..

Woke Up at 12.30 , got ready chilled abit at home.. until.. 3.30? then went to My God-Mother's Brother's House. @.@ ( confusing? abit lar hor?? ^^)

On the way there, they requested us to buy some ICE there..
no guys.. not the drug Methamphetamine.. Ice made from H2O.
so we pulled over at 7-11 at approximately 4.11 and bought ice.. So since we were at 7-11. i bought 10bucks of credit for her lo.

THEN!~~~ WHEN WE REACH !! we waited for the dealer uncle to come.. so waited until 5.30 T.T BUUBUU~
in the mean time. We played with babies and ate alot o' snackys~~
Dixon Pulling Off a V-for-Vendetta Mask face. with Edison~ ^^

AINT HE ADORABLE~ .. nah.. not really huh.. xD


So yea.. after awhile. the dealer uncle came.. and we played BlackJack. a.k.a WanLup a.k.a 21 points.

over there, i took out 5 ringgit.. and.. I LOST 5 ringgit.. xD ahah.. im so determined and cheap. xD.
then at around 6.20?

Left For HoMe~ Cuz my Brother's Homies were comin over..

then after dat we left from our house for dinner.. at Mongkok Cha Chan Teng, a.k.a Mongkok Tea Restaurant. Since Ivan's Birthday lied on dat weeek. They gav us a very very very very very very very very small drink for free..


5 minutes later.. WOW~ UR STILL ON IT! COOL~ xD

well from the look on his face.. he looks.. BORED!~ haha..

After dat meal. which was .quite delicious.. yet the portions were pretty small..
and the service was terrible..
we requested for fork and spoons.. and u know what they said?
" sorry sir, plz wait, we are washing them now. "

WTF~ the restaurant wasnt even PACKED~ NOOBIE restaurant.. brrr..
then the Cheese Baked Rice dat we ordered.. we ordered around.. 4...
amazing.. it took a long time to come.. and the funniest thing was.. When i finished mine,
Mason's one came.. then mason finish, brian's one came.. then brian finish, dixon's one came.
haha.. sien sien nyar.. wasted so muchy time..

we were wondering.. wether they had enough plates or not.. haha..

so yea.. after mongkok , we went to kenny's house in GitaBayu. big big house orh.. ^^

then gamble gamble.. talk talk talk.. until like.. 2a.m. everyone was hungry.. then went to MAMAK NYARZ~ woohoo.. then we were in mamak till like.. 3.40a.m.. then reach home at around.. 4.. then played winning eleven and talk talk talk until.. 6.30. then went to sleep.

3rd day of CNY

woke up at 11.30. . . .

then went makan makan petang hari wiv my dad's ELDEST son. which is my ELDEST brother, from another mother.. ^^ and my eldest step-mother.

complicated la.. but.. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESSESESESESESES~~ ^^
im jus kiddin.. - sorry -

went to Shangri-la Hotel to makan.. then after dat .. went home.. and found alot of my distant cousins came.. and i tell you.. the fat ugly rugged boy. has turned into a tall buff better-lookin guy. *thumbs up!* and all of them are now taller than me.. BRAVO!~~

haiz.. =,= its sad.. its bloody sad.. bloody depressing.. bloody demoralizing.. bloody discouraging.. bloody frustrating.. bloody X~

oh well.. after dat.. went out to meet brian's X-gf. dat went to australia..

after picking her up from Sri Petaling, we went to visit Dixon's bestfriend. . .

and you know what??
his dog. named Hobs.. thought i was hot.. as in.. pretty . girly hot..
he kept kept kept humping humping humping MY LEG!!..
he chased me around the house for more than 30 mins..
i had to sit on a chair.. and cross my legs. ( sammy's advice )
YET~ he still jumped on the chair.. and ran into me..
and after series of humping my leg.. i found dat his cock.. was RED as a CHILLI~ WooT WooT~
Note - he is holding onto my leg.. and he never wants to let go..
i was so scared my jeans got stain of his WORMS~ ( ya know what i mean? :P )
so after dat. dix told us dat his OTHER bestie was comin.. YK~ ^^

as we waited.. we played catan.. and i totally sucked.~ haha..
then l8tr on.. we decided to go RIBLEE for dinner..
this western restaurant in Sri Hartamas. pretty darn good man~

so yea.. after dinner.. i was SENT back home.. ONLY MEEE ..since i had to go to school the next day..
SAD~~ they went to YK's house. and at 12. sent Sammy back home.. then.. they went to play.. LEFT4DEAD~ huhu T.T

then yea.. i went back.. and i back my bag and stuff.. and SLEPT~

Day 4 of CNY

woke up, brush teeeth, take bath, makan makan, but be4 dat.. CHANGE .. then went to school VIA school bus bus. ~

PE in da morning. A/O right after.
and after A/O was maths.. and half way thru the maths period... i felt.. unwell..
and since i thought she din come to school.. i decided to tell the principal and i went home.. weee..
but it turned out.. SHE DID COME TO SCHOOL~ URGH~..
oh well.. at least i get to go school tomoro.. since i wont be falling sick.
then .. yea.. i went back home.. @ 11.30. slept till 5.30 ~~ woohoo~ good good sleep.

then .. i chilled awhile.. then ate dinner at 8. then at 9. Kenny and Roy Came over
.. we played mahjong.. and i won 21 bucks.. ~~ wooho.~

then later on.. carnea and jason came over as well.. then we played BLACKJACK!
and i won another 15 bucks.. so yea.. im happy . ur happy. ^^
then i went to bed without packing my bag.

next morning
5th Day of CNY
.. went to school.. and bla bla bla.. and wat not. then lunch time..
as promised. i din spend my whole lunch time on the basketball court.. instead.. i was chillin around with my friends.. and urhmmm.. yea.. ^^
then went home.. played abit of computer.. and took a nap.. then ate dinner.. then watch my god-mum, grandma and brother play mahjong.
then i went to bed at 12.30 .. was kind of tired...


i said i love you!i meant it, and ill always love you. still am loving you!;
11:08 PM

Friday, January 23, 2009 ♥
School School School - Basketball Homework Basketball Talk talk
duuude~ school is tiring !! tiring to the brim !

haiz.. in 6 days.. 5 injuries ^^ cool ~

So yea.. apart from homework homework homework, tuition tuition tuition..

basketball is da only fun time . yet.. injuries.. T.T

1. Sunday 18th January 2009 - basketball @ 10a.m. got pushed down by this big uncle, fell on my BUM BUM!.. ish.. my tail bone pain until i sit down oso got trauma. - - - Bruised

2. Monday 19th January 2009 - Morning, in school before bell rang -Walking with karyan and Rizrin. Rizrin pinched my nipple until bruised liau ! WALAU EH!! pain ! =,= - - bruised.
3. Monday 19th January 2009 - riz hold me and bring me to karyan's class. then he pushed me on the broken table. Scratched my left ass ! kinda bleeding.. - - - - Cut

4. Tuesday 19th January 2009 - While playing basketball in school ( morning ). Hasbi threw an inaccurate pass to rizrin, as hard as he can. i jumped to try to get it.. and i GOT IT!! WOW!! I GOT IT!! .. but wit my face.. haha..
the ball hit my glasses. and gave me a cut at the side of my eye.

5. Friday 24th January 2009 - I was packing my stuff under the staircase.. found all my old old toys and stuff. Suddenly. while i was thinking of the memories.. my grandma kept shouting my name.. LOUDLY! .. hehe.. so then.. i instinctively stood up.. AND BANG!!! a LOUDER sound than a grandma's roar rose from the stairs as i felt dizzyyyy..=,= haha..

oh well dats all for now..
school work is hard, school work is confusing, school work is plentifuL. but school is worth all of DAT! ^^

hehe.. well Chinese New Year's on Its way~~~~~~ WOOHOO!! mahjong mahjong mahjong !~

cheers guys.. happy cny for chinese
happy holidays for NON-chinese
she tripped me.^^

i said i love you!i meant it, and ill always love you. still am loving you!;
12:08 AM

Thursday, January 1, 2009 ♥
My Christmas Eve Duo-party Day
Today, i woke up at 10.30.. i was kinda excited since i had 2 parties to attend.
One - Lourdez Birthday Party - MUST GO!! MUMMY birthday.. MUST GO!!
Two - Christophers Christmas Party - Must go !! BRO plan so hard.. MUST GO!!

xD.. so i went for both lo..

like i said.. woke up at 10.30 .. went to the com.
chat chat chat.. i decided to camwhore.lol.. ugly guy trying to look yeng.. ( FAIL FAIL FAIL!! )

anyways.. after using the com awhile.. ( plus camwhoring ) .., my mum decided to bring me to marriot hotel to eat lunch..

so.. went to marriot. ate some chinese food. accompanied by karyan..

and josh who jus came.. left 3 presents - one for karyan, one for me, one for lourdez. said hi . then bye.. then left. haha..

okok.. then after dat.. my mum left.. i stayed in Karyan's Shop until louis came to rescue me from death!!
Cause of Death : Boredom. ( not the kinda ending i want leh )

so yea.. he came.. we walked pav. looking for discounted goods..
but.. no discount.. stupid expensive crap..
so then decided to go isetan. look for cheap cheap 50% discount stuff.. hahaha
So .. yea.. i was looking for a christmas present for chris a.k.a gaygay
+ lourdez a.k.a my mummy ! xD

As i was looking for something for chris.. i found this T-shirt.. looks pretty good..

so i bought it....

FOR MYSELF!! LAWL! i cant believe i did dat. but .. oh well.. lolxz.. life is full of surprises.! ^^

then i look around the diesel store.. and i found a collar shirt for chris..
so .. guy shopping done..
poor louis.. he jus accompany me.. - - - another great brother! ^^

so yea.. i ask for girls cutting clothes in isetan diesel. the woman tell me " pergi parkson . "

lol.. so we went there..
and bought lourdez a T-shirt.. blue blue colour de ^^

after dat.. walk all the way back to pavilion.. to meet a dungu.. his name , Li Kar Yan. o.o

from there.. we walk to timesquare .. ( WOW I RHYME! , there, timesquare ) LOLXZ!

okay.. i know - - - - LAME!! .. forgive me plz..

okok.. took a taxi to lourdez house.. then when we reach the condo.. we were at the guard house.
busy trying to fill up the bday card..
Louis comment = " wow. ur finally 17. one more year and i can touch your ass for legal reasons "
i like dat~ xD

----------------------------skip ------------------------
We played some basketball downstairs.. and decided to go upstairs..

Upstairs, i suddenly saw.. 3 people i din expect to see dat day..
adrian, ryan wong, nidhiK . hehe.. wat a pleasant surprise ~ ^^.
alrite.. we reach her house like.. 7.20.

then before i left at 8.30.. i was forced to sing a song .. =,= oh well.. sing then sing lo.. who cares.. lolxz.. sux or good. its still fun. ^^

louis and tashy took video of me. =,= and tash posted the video on youtube !! URGH!! WHY !!

oh well.. okay.. we left..
took a taxi to taman sri aman.. ( chris house )

we reach the house like.. 9. ( not bad la ) .. when we reach, we saw joshua.. flirting with christopher's aunty.. =,= gosh.. this guy should get a life.. hahahaha..
Chef Chow : " Eh bros~~ come come..makan makan. mutton or sausage? "

we all thought joshua was alil drunk.. he kept denying it..

" Eh chris.. can i hav some.. HONEY???????? kee en, u also wan honnnneeyyy right?? " - KY
" yea man.. honnneeyyyy makes things sweeeet dont it? i luuvvvv HONEYYYY " - Kee En.
( this is only for karyan, kristin and me to understand :X)

karyan and I , at a baby table.. sitting on baby chairs .. ( thanks chris )
pic taken by joshua goh chia fu .. special thanks.. stupid photographer.. took like.. 4 shots to get this one.. which still makes me look like shit.. xD ( maybe cuz i do look like shit )
oh well.. haha..

after dat.. finish makan makan.. minum minum.. ( eat eat... drink drink ) went to play dota. xD
joshua VS karyan..
joshua was owning at the start.. but karyan.. kicked ass later and resultant winner = KARYAN!

so then.. after dat game.. yong jing. ( or whatever his name was ) said.. he can beat karyan.
so i told him.. come play wiv me la ! xD

so then he said. okay...

then we play lo..

half way.. he give up jor.. =.= boring .. no challenge de.. =,=
so yea.. after dat game.. PHOTOGRAPH TIME!!
WOPS!! SORRY!! WRONG PICTURE!! WRONG PICTURE!! ( dat one for later ! )

its these.. its these.. =,= ( look below )
shitz nyar !! i don hav any of karyan chris or ben.
oh well.. haha..

kk.. finish picture jor. then yong jin told me " eh my friend wants to play with you "
then i told him . " play what??"
he said . " dota lor "

I assume his friend was better than him. if not he wont ask his friend play with me right??

so then.. yea. actually chris wanted to play.. but they decided to play AR .. and the hero chris got.. he dont like.. but.. i don mind using.. haha.. so i played ~ xD

the person's hero was a far ranged sexygirl which had a slowing ability.. damit.. sux sux sux.
was hard for me. a hero with a short range.
anyhow i was harassed... i din bother.. jus continue to play play play..
then suddenly at the end.. i had a super comeback after i bought a blink dagger. this item can help me teleport in a short distant. so.. yea.. i won.. he gav up.. AGAIN!! sien..

so yea.. dats the dota stories..
anyhow.. one by one.. we took bath.. and they continue to dota..

dota until like.. 2 or 3.. we went "tried" to go to bed..
hmm.. my panorama not bad hor?? ^^

Eventhou i was on the bed here.. i went downstairs later on.. since i felt really cold.. my legs were like.. freeeeeeeeeeeezing.. i went to the downstairs sofa to sleep. ( COMFY COMFY! )

-------------------The End OF the day ------------------

i said i love you!i meant it, and ill always love you. still am loving you!;
7:50 AM

Random Day in Pavilion
pavilion @ 20th December 2008

I went to starhill to meet Ben and look for karyan.

After talking to karyan went to Pavilion with Ben.

While walking. saw this lil guy/girl. not very sure.. haha..
He was wearing this bumblebee suit !! VERY KAWAII!

i couldnt resist. i took a picture of him. xD
Kept Moving ! blurr blurrr pic.
lolxz.. i couldnt take it. i went . " stand there !! "

CheEeEeEeeEeeEeeSses ! and he gave me this look.i guess we jus couldnt communicate nyerr -.-

well after dat.. jus left him there.. god knows if their parents know some stalker took a picture of him. XD


okay.. reach the cinema ticket counter.

" eh ben, what movie? " - Kee En
" huh? spirit la " - Ben
" Spirit not out la dicky ! " - Kee En
" oh. then .. yes girl la ! " - Ben
" yrr.. don wan la .. " - Kee En
" then u choose la.. diu " - Ben
" I.P man la " - Kee En
" I.P man ah.. okay lo " - Ben.

(joins the line to buy ticket )
" eh ben.. u buy la.. 18 la.. i think if they see me.. then cannot buy jor " - Kee En
" okay okay. u jus go away la " - Ben

* Kee En, tries to look yeng . Back On the pillar, with the mp3. looking towards the ground. "

wow. he nearly fell asleep !! LOLXZ.

after ben purchased the tickets for IP man. I treat ben popcorn and drink. ( since he belanja me my movie ticket ).we showed the tickets to the ticket counter and WALAH ! we got through ! lawl.. then after we went on the escalator. the guy ran towards us..

" sir.. can u plz step out. "

in my heart i was like .. oh fuck. wasted 11 bucks. i knew we should hav watched something for under 18.

but guess WHAT!

" the cinema room is still under preparation. its not airtime yet. plz wait till 4.15 .. "

CHIU! scared the shit out of ourselves only.. chiu ~

lol.. then we sat at the restaurant beside the ticket counter..
play with our drinks and popcorn. i set my phone alarm as 4.15.
and 4.14.. i jus off my alarm and we went in.. =.= lazy waiting le.. xD

so yea.. sat kinda near to the screen.. but.. who gives??

the movie is fawesome !! f.awesome. ! ^^ kungfu fighting nyar ~ ^^
shiok shiok..
i like the part.. where he fight 10 japanese guy.. cruel fighting moves.. NICE! hahah

kk after the movie.. went shisha.. wow.. was one of the best grape mint we had! ^^..

kk after dat.. my mum came.. i went home.

kk. after i reach home i ate dinner...
kk after dat i played mahjong with bro and aunty.

kk. played until 2.a.m.

kk.. then i went to bed.

the end of day 20th december 08

i said i love you!i meant it, and ill always love you. still am loving you!;
7:06 AM